Does cut-rate insurance save you money?

August 14, 2020

With the extra time at home, people have been starting to find ways to save money including shopping for cheaper insurance. However, does cheaper insurance actually save you money? If you are looking at switching things up, consider the below questions before moving forward.

Does the new policy provide the same coverage as my current policy?

-One way to save premium dollars is by cutting coverage, sometimes necessary coverage

What amount is the deductible?

-Make sure to look at the separate wind/hail deductible as that may differ

Do I know how the new company will handle repairs?

-Will my car be repaired with new or used parts? Can I choose my own body shop? Is there replacement coverage on my property?

What kind of service can I expect?

-Will you be able to reach someone with your questions and concerns?

It’s important the above questions come into play when looking at changing your insurance. Even though you may be saving premium dollars, you could end up paying more than you saved in the event of a claim.

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*Actual coverage is subject to the policy as written.